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Kinderflute is designed to teach students to love music and learn to play the flute - but that is only the beginning. We have an intense desire to see each child realize their potential in all areas of their lives.  Through learning to listen, play notes, produce a beautiful tone, read music, compose, and creatively express themselves; students are firing areas of the brain to make learning in all areas more productive. Kinderflute group lesson are carefully planned to maximize learning potential. Kinesthetic learning is emphasized through the use of games to create an active, fun and engaging environment to maintain a keen sense of alertness and to build a lifetime love of music.

Many of the class foundations are based on recent research in neurogenesis and learning potential. Kinderflute combines the research of Harvard professor Dr. John Ratey MD and applies it to the pedagogy of teaching flute.

"Neurogenesis" literally means "birth of neurons"

Neurogenesis is most prevalent during pre-natal development and is the process by which neurons are created to populate the growing brain. Contrary to what was believed 10 years ago, new research has shown that neurogenesis also can ocurr throughout life.  Key factors that have proven to stimulate significant neurogenesis are exercise, a loving and supportive environment, and new and enriching experiences.

Kinderflute was created by award-winning flute pedagogue Kathy Blocki. In 2011, Kathy developed a teacher training programme to promote this remarkable new method through qualified teachers around the world.  Kinderflute Canada founder, Stéphanie Superle, is thrilled to introduce this phenomenal new teaching method to Canada:

"Kathy Blocki's systematic approach to developing aspiring young flutists is completely revolutionary.  By incorporating group play, music games, movement activities, and a well-rounded curriculum to develop impeccable tone & technique, students of all ages are engaged through active learning.  Kathy's team of Kinderflute certified teachers are able to create a dynamic and inspired learning environment that's a whole lot of fun for students of every age!"  

For more information on the inspiration behind Ms. Blocki's award-winning work, including her "Best Tools for Schools" Pneumo Pro Wind Director, please visit www.kinderflute.com